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Non Fico Finance LLC
40 Wall Street

Fifth Floor 
New York NY 10003

Phone: 1 646 308 1672

Fax: 1 646 308 1433

10 Year Fixed 30 Year Amortization $500,000 to $200,000,000 all property types

Rates as low as 3.5%

LTV Maximum 75%

Prepayment Negotiable

Terms Tailored to Client's Need

Construction & Improvement, Mezzanine & Bridge Loans



$500,000 to $200,000,000 available for Purchase Finance & Refinance.

Any type of Lending

Office Building, Warehouse, Flex Space, Hotels, Motels, Retail Shopping Malls, Concept Strip Malls & Multi Unit Housing



Working with our clients, equity partners & investors, we put all of the pieces together.

If you have money and want to invest and put it to work and earn returns commensurate with the risk. Tell us about yourself.



We know that time is money! We also know how to get things Done.

If you have a need and want to explore your financial options, let us know and we will work with you to attain your goals.



Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

But when you couple Knowledge with Imagination the combination is Amazing! Our talent pool of individuals is Nationwide and spans more than the last fifty years in the world of business, finance,  insurance & risk management. No matter how difficult your situation may or may not be, or the the goals you are trying to attain, we will give you a realistic honest assessment and let you take it from there. However, you need to make the call to us first.

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